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Are you looking for an online asset-management account that achieves exceptional results through expertly managed trading?

The 888 Asset Management portfolio trades equities, commodities, Forex and cryptocurrency to deliver outstanding performance with complete 24/7 visibility of your account performance.

Experienced, high net-worth investor or ‘Sophisticated’ but more modest investor considering this kind of investment for the first time, 888 Asset Management is for you.

A brand new approach to multi-asset class managed trading.

888 Asset Management is a multiple asset class, managed trading asset management portfolio

It is shaped to meet the needs of private investors seeking a high performing, expertly traded online account that achieves exceptional results through careful trading of equities, commodities, currencies and crypto currencies.

The account caters for investors across the spectrum, from those taking their first steps in the financial markets to experienced, high net-worth individuals looking for fund managers able to deliver results consistently.

888 Asset Management is operated by 888 Ltd.

Our product, research and trading teams are experts in trading all constituent asset classes, with records proven over the long term.

Wherever you are on your journey as an investor, if you require expertly managed trading, online account visibility and professional level investment performance, the 888 Asset Management account is for you.

888 Asset Management

Fully managed, multi asset-class trading for investors at any level.

888 Asset Management is a multiple class, managed-trading asset management portfolio designed to meet the individual objectives of private investors.

You may deposit or withdraw funds at any time, with online access to observe trading and its impact on your account in real time.

The portfolio trades equities, commodities, Forex and cryptocurrency.

How we trade the portfolio

Our traders employ both algorithmic and manual strategies, balancing the two for optimum efficiency and performance and in order to meet our objective of generating highly competitive returns.

Algorithmic Trading

We make continuous use of automated, algorithmic trading, using algorithms programmed to our trading specification to take decisions on what to buy and sell and when to do so. This is sophisticated financial trading technology, and our team has a high degree of expertise in refining and optimising the performance of our algorithms.

Manual Trading

Alongside our algorithmic trading, our traders take manual decisions on the purchase and sale of assets, placing the trades themselves via market or pending orders. Expert trades of this kind play a central role in ensuring outstanding performance, and are informed by meticulous analysis and research using data from our world-class research partners.

Asset classes in the portfolio

The 888 Asset Management portfolio comprises four asset classes.


In hedging and managing risk, we make tactical use of mainstream equities. Trading on major exchanges as appropriate, our managers hold robust and well-researched stocks capable of achieving both good growth and income, as a counter to the inherently more turbulent movements evidenced in both crypto and Forex markets.


Commodities (eg. energy, precious metals, grains etc.) gives us flexibility in optimising portfolio performance. As commodities will generally move in opposition to equity markets, and may respond swiftly to global events, their use affords us both increased flexibility and security.


The portfolio makes continuous use of the Forex markets, Forex providing an excellent tool with which to manage risk. Our team again boasts many years of high-level experience in trading currencies, and we trade all major pairs, selecting opportunities appropriate to the portfolio objective at that time.


The experience of our team dates back to the earliest days of crypto trading, and we trade a broad range of currencies. These are, essentially, ‘digital assets’ that use decentralized control rather than central banking systems. Ownership records are stored in database ledgers, with strong cryptography used to secure transaction records and to verify trades.

The strength of our traded asset classes

While the value of any asset class, and certainly of any individual asset, can be expected to rise and fall over time, the four asset classes in the 888 Asset Management portfolio are traded in huge markets huge markets, each of which has shown resilience and outstanding performance when viewed over time.


By 2020, the value of the global domestic equity market had risen to over $109 trillion, from $65 trillion in 2013.

With the modern age characterised by the advancement of technology, companies such as Tesla illustrate the huge potential for investors, today being the most valuable car company in the world and, with a market cap of around $654 billion at July 2021, with a value greater than that of the next six car companies combined.


The pandemic’s effect on the global commodity market was profound, with the contract futures price for West Texas Intermediate (WTI) plummeting to an incredible -$37 per barrel of oil in May 2020. Despite this, the market has made a steady rise with WTI crude oil prices standing at just over $75 per barrel at July 2021.

Worth approximately $2.1 trillion on its own as of 2021, the oil market is merely one of many possible commodities available to us in this vast market that includes gold, silver, gas and many more historically sound investments.


The foreign exchange market is the largest and most liquid market in the world, with a market cap of roughly $2,400 trillion, and with trading in FX markets reaching a staggering $6.6 billion per day in April 2019.

With over 170 currencies being traded on the global market, its immense size shows no sign of decreasing, with a predicted annual compound growth rate of 6% over the next 5


Since its arrival in 2009, the rise of Bitcoin, the most prominent of all cryptocurrencies, has been meteoric. The coin jumped from $0.08 in 2010 to $63,000 in April 2021.
With its creation, Bitcoin led us into the new age of digital finance and blockchain technology, with the cryptocurrency market cap standing at just under $1 trillion in mid 2021, already closing in on the market capitalization of Silver. In April 2021, at a market cap of around $2.4 trillion, cryptocurrencies were beating the Oil and Gas drilling sector.